As If It Were Yesterday…

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I didn’t get to start this movie until today, but it already is affecting me immensely. Today in class, as soon Columbine’s image on the screen, I got a lump in my throat and it became hard to breathe. I remember this day like it was yesterday. At the time of the shooting, I was in Holmes Middle School, a forty-five minute drive from Columbine.  When we got to school that day, it was just like any normal day. Then third period came around! I remember walking through the halls at passing period, I can hear the faint cries of classmates and the chaos of teachers! I’m confused! What’s going on? We all make it to class, it’s now fourth period. There is a hush over the whole class, however you can hear a couple kids snifflin’. The teacher, tearfully, cleared her throat and said, “At around 11 o’clock today, there has been a shooting at Columbine High School.” Upon hearing this, my mind started to race. I know people there! Columbine is a close school therefore we know them well, even though we are a middle school. After the teacher announces the shooting, the P.A. system came on, and said that all students are now to be released to go home! I raced to the bus, and as soon I ran through my house doors, I turned on the news! I could at this point see recaps/images of kids being pulled out of library windows and such. I hate this! Why?! Now, I only knew like four people that went there throuh like some friends, so I wasn’t super close to anyone. Not saying it didn’t hurt and make me angry because I was! I was. After this shooting, I don’t think that my views on guns changed. I’m not against them because I do hunt (rarely) but I’m also not a big fan of them. It’s true though–“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people!” Guns are just a help. This whole thing was just two stupid boys doing a terrible, white-trash thing.

This day will forever be engraved in my life…..


New Found Hope…?

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Could you ever have imagined an African American being elected president of the United States? Well if you couldn’t, it happened! Obama has new plans for everything from taxes, health care, even energy. After being elected, there was a lot of hype of how this could reduce racism in the United States because of Obama  being black. I strongly believe that racism will not be reduced in the slightest. Just because he is black doesn’t mean that he wanted to become president to defeat racism. Racism is a form of hate, and hate is going to exist no matter who’s running this country. I’m not a huge political buff at all, but there were things Obama planned for that made me choose him as the next president, and I did not choose him because of the color of his skin. I chose him because I think that he will probably do some good for this country. I’ve heard a lot of why people voted for Obama, some that I liked and some that were down right stupid. I heard things like, “I’m voting for Obama because I want to see a president get assassinated in my lifetime,” and “I’m voting for him because no one else is going to…” Things like that are just ignorant! I know you agree, whether you were for Obama or McCain. For all those people who are opposed to Obama, just be open-minded. You never know, Obama might be the best thing that ever happend to America.

That’s the Cleanest Prison Cell I’ve Ever Seen!

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         When it comes to where I reside, I get a tad OCD. This becomes very difficult in a tight, suffocating “prison cell” shall we say. As soon as you walk in to my room, you see my collection of clothing. Shirts, sweaters, and pants fill the cloest. It’s as stuffed as Pamela Anderson’s breasts. On the floor is a brown carpet–nothing to extraordinary. There are lighting appliances all over the room as well as many photos of friends and random posters. On the blue prison walls, are the letters of my motto, “Live to F***!” Now comes our lofts. My roommate, a typical straight male, has a very cluttered, manly side of the room. On the otherhand, I have a bright green loft covered in white stars. I bought this loft from girl on the third floor because I didn’t want to build one. I know, I’m lazy! Anyway, on my side of the room, it’s like an episode of Monk. Everything is straight, clean, organized, even dusted. I told my roommate that when I clean, I CLEAN, so I will have to touch his stuff from time to time. Even in a cramped space such as my dorm room, it’s rather clean and I love it. The best thing about the room, hands down, is my 899.00 plasma, flat screen T.V. sitting on top of the dresser, towering over the room like a judge to a courtroom. I wouldn’t change a thing about my room!

Day of Silence! Shhh…

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        This art image of the week is the logo for DOS, Day of Silence. The day of Silence is a day, usually in April, helping end the bullying, harrassing, and just plain hate towards LGBT. LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgendered. This image jumped out at me therefore I chose to write about it. I believe that this is an excellent way to get this anti-LGBT behavior put to an end. However, I think it’s more a on going event that’ll keep this going strong. This organization, from what I’ve read, is mostly school oriented, such as, high schools and universities. In this silence, there are no hate words said, nor hurtful banter. It’s just a day, where LGBT people can feel safe in this harsh world.

That’s Just Down Right Recoculous!

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Recoculous: Adj; Ridiculous, outrageously stupid. Something that agitates the speaker very much.


            I chose this word solely for one reason. I’m not going to dance around and say that it’s an awesome word or it makes you seem more intelligent if you use it. I chose it because rather than its brother word “Ridiculous,” it has the more emphasis on the word cock! I am much more a fan of the word cock than that of the word dick! I know you agree, so don’t play games with me. Also, I know you all think that this blog I’m writing you is just down right ricoculous. Yes, I’ll give you time to laugh. Good? All right, so now that you’ve learned this new word and absolutely fell in love with in….USE IT!

Thank You Ancestors…

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Native American’s Problem

    This new’s article is basically stating the fact that 1 in every 10 Native Americans die from alcohol related causes. It’s also states that 12 percent of deaths among Native Americans are alcohol related, which is three times more than the population. I chose this specific news article because I’m Native American. I’ve already seen my relatives die from alcohol problems. The family I still have are still very much so heavy drinkers, and they it will probably lead to their demise. It’s terrible to see this, something that could be prevented, destroy their lives. My father was and still is an alcoholic. I can still smell the aroma of vodka as he would come home late at night. In his drunken stuper he would beat my mother and myself, it’s painful to know that this substance could make a person behave this way and at the same time be just as harmful to him. I’m not gonna lie and say that I don’t drink because I do. I do believe that I have inherited this evil love of the drink along with my family, so all I left to say is “Thanks ancestors, thanks!”



L.O.V.E <3

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 I think that love is the strongest emotion. The most beautiful and sincere feeling in the universe is love. It doesn’t matter what kind of love: between two men, between and interacial couple, between you and your pet, you and your biggest hobby, etc. I believe that because love is universal it can be said that love knows no ages, nor colors. I think love is so beautiful that once you have it or find it, HOLD on to it. Never let it go…it can take you to many places. If there was more love in the world, we wouldn’t have to worry about wars or anything. Let’s try to love, let’s eliminate hate!