L.O.V.E <3




 I think that love is the strongest emotion. The most beautiful and sincere feeling in the universe is love. It doesn’t matter what kind of love: between two men, between and interacial couple, between you and your pet, you and your biggest hobby, etc. I believe that because love is universal it can be said that love knows no ages, nor colors. I think love is so beautiful that once you have it or find it, HOLD on to it. Never let it go…it can take you to many places. If there was more love in the world, we wouldn’t have to worry about wars or anything. Let’s try to love, let’s eliminate hate!


~ by kurtis037 on September 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “L.O.V.E <3”

  1. I partically agree with you I know that sounds funny but let me explain why. These days it seems like love is sometimes used too frequently amoung teenagers. I even know a girl who has a new boyfriend about every three monthes and she always tells them she loves them and then breaks up with them for a new guy. I think love should be used more carefully. But I do agree that we need more kindness and good nature in the world. If you do truly love someone you shouldn’t let them go it will be your biggest regret.

  2. This word is very strong. I believe some people take advantage of this word too often. Like when you have a boyfriend/girlfriend in middle school we say it like we hand out candy during halloween. Love is such a passionate word that we don’t take in the meaning of the word and just throw it out there in our everyday sentence.

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