Day of Silence! Shhh…



        This art image of the week is the logo for DOS, Day of Silence. The day of Silence is a day, usually in April, helping end the bullying, harrassing, and just plain hate towards LGBT. LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgendered. This image jumped out at me therefore I chose to write about it. I believe that this is an excellent way to get this anti-LGBT behavior put to an end. However, I think it’s more a on going event that’ll keep this going strong. This organization, from what I’ve read, is mostly school oriented, such as, high schools and universities. In this silence, there are no hate words said, nor hurtful banter. It’s just a day, where LGBT people can feel safe in this harsh world.


~ by kurtis037 on October 2, 2008.

One Response to “Day of Silence! Shhh…”

  1. I have seen this image before, and believe that it is very powerful. Last year, I took some classes at a community college for HS credit, and took an intro to GLBT studies class. Although I am straight, it openned up my eyes to what the world is like for the GLBT community. It is harsh as hell. Since then, I have stood up for GLBT rights, and am very excited about “Coming out” week, which is this week here at Northern. I hope that our generation can pull together and make a difference in this topic. We have such open minds about tons of other controversial issues, and I hope this can be embraced as well. I think that GLBT people should feel safe EVERYDAY. It is so horrible to think that they do not. I hope that this will change someday soon.

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