That’s Just Down Right Recoculous!

Recoculous: Adj; Ridiculous, outrageously stupid. Something that agitates the speaker very much.


            I chose this word solely for one reason. I’m not going to dance around and say that it’s an awesome word or it makes you seem more intelligent if you use it. I chose it because rather than its brother word “Ridiculous,” it has the more emphasis on the word cock! I am much more a fan of the word cock than that of the word dick! I know you agree, so don’t play games with me. Also, I know you all think that this blog I’m writing you is just down right ricoculous. Yes, I’ll give you time to laugh. Good? All right, so now that you’ve learned this new word and absolutely fell in love with in….USE IT!


~ by kurtis037 on October 2, 2008.

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