That’s the Cleanest Prison Cell I’ve Ever Seen!

         When it comes to where I reside, I get a tad OCD. This becomes very difficult in a tight, suffocating “prison cell” shall we say. As soon as you walk in to my room, you see my collection of clothing. Shirts, sweaters, and pants fill the cloest. It’s as stuffed as Pamela Anderson’s breasts. On the floor is a brown carpet–nothing to extraordinary. There are lighting appliances all over the room as well as many photos of friends and random posters. On the blue prison walls, are the letters of my motto, “Live to F***!” Now comes our lofts. My roommate, a typical straight male, has a very cluttered, manly side of the room. On the otherhand, I have a bright green loft covered in white stars. I bought this loft from girl on the third floor because I didn’t want to build one. I know, I’m lazy! Anyway, on my side of the room, it’s like an episode of Monk. Everything is straight, clean, organized, even dusted. I told my roommate that when I clean, I CLEAN, so I will have to touch his stuff from time to time. Even in a cramped space such as my dorm room, it’s rather clean and I love it. The best thing about the room, hands down, is my 899.00 plasma, flat screen T.V. sitting on top of the dresser, towering over the room like a judge to a courtroom. I wouldn’t change a thing about my room!


~ by kurtis037 on October 16, 2008.

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