New Found Hope…?

Could you ever have imagined an African American being elected president of the United States? Well if you couldn’t, it happened! Obama has new plans for everything from taxes, health care, even energy. After being elected, there was a lot of hype of how this could reduce racism in the United States because of Obama  being black. I strongly believe that racism will not be reduced in the slightest. Just because he is black doesn’t mean that he wanted to become president to defeat racism. Racism is a form of hate, and hate is going to exist no matter who’s running this country. I’m not a huge political buff at all, but there were things Obama planned for that made me choose him as the next president, and I did not choose him because of the color of his skin. I chose him because I think that he will probably do some good for this country. I’ve heard a lot of why people voted for Obama, some that I liked and some that were down right stupid. I heard things like, “I’m voting for Obama because I want to see a president get assassinated in my lifetime,” and “I’m voting for him because no one else is going to…” Things like that are just ignorant! I know you agree, whether you were for Obama or McCain. For all those people who are opposed to Obama, just be open-minded. You never know, Obama might be the best thing that ever happend to America.


~ by kurtis037 on November 5, 2008.

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